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Thread: F30 340s are getting rare?

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    F30 340s are getting rare?

    Iím from California and Iíve been in the market for a B58. Iíd prefer an F chassis 3 or 4 series vehicle. Thereís some good deals on 4 series gran coupes but I drove it and I can feel the extra weight from the hatchback.

    Anyways after research Iím barely seeing any 340s for sale anywhere remotely close to my region and the few ones that are for sale are still pretty expensive with higher miles.

    Back in 2018 I remember seeing 2016 340s for mid 20s and even before the pandemic a fully loaded 2018 340 was around 30-33k.

    Now even a 2016 340 held its value and theyíre all in the high 20s with high mileage or mid 30s with decent mileage. 2018s are still mid 30s as well and thereís not even too many of them.

    Iím impressed these cars really held up in terms of value unlike the 330s/320s Iím seeing flooding the market.

    The engine is sole reason this car is keeping its value and since thereís none really for sale Iím sure owners are enjoying the car from both a reliability and enthusiast perspective.

    My only regret is not buying one soonerÖ the new models are cool and all but I like the F chassis vehicles. The gran coupe is a little too heavy of a feel so I guess I gotta go for a 440 coupe which is still easier to find then a 340.

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    FWIW, comparing the 4s, the GC weighs just 132lbs more than the coupe. The GC has a better 50/50 weight distribution than the coupe.
    The 4 GC and coupe have the same length, width, wheelbase and track. The GC has over an inch more rear seat headroom, and waaay more cargo capacity.

    Comparing 3 vs 4, an M440iX coupe weighs 152lbs more than a M340iX. The M440iX is faster to 60, but theyíre even at 100. The 4 reaches higher Gs on the skid pad due to its lower CG, and has a lower Cd as well.
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