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Thread: Scammer Alert: Dudleytittle (Member 907752) - Future Rule Change Suggestions

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    Scammer Alert: Dudleytittle (Member 907752) - Future Rule Change Suggestions

    How naive was I trust this guy was genuine without checking his profile. I bought a brand new pair of E46 Amber Indicator for $30 shipped until I realized this guy has an account revoked by the forum.
    He uses this number 973-826-0454 to text me, and paypal address is makalir04@gmail.com (Paypal shows her name is Rose Makali). He also insists to use Zelle or Cashpay.
    Here's the conversation:


    Initially agreed to $30 shipped, but he "realizes" the shipping is expensive and asked me to cover additional fee or ask me to buy more stuff along the shipment.
    I said no, and asked for a full refund. If you can't cover the fee, why bother to sell at a lower asking price? This is not forum sales work.
    Anyway, he BS me with having the inconvenience to create shipment and time for quere with a BS photo, and decided to take away $10 for the inconvenience that he created. WTF?
    Fine, I know my $30 is down to the drain, so I accepted whatever he asked and see what he would respond, but he ignored me

    This guy also has much more expensive item in his E39 wheels for $1800. BEWARE!!!!!!!!

    Here's some future forum rule change suggestions:
    1. only member with at least 1 year of registration should be allowed to post in for sales forum
    2. each for sale post should require a time stamp (a piece of handwritten paper with nickname and date) to prove the seller has the actual item and showing the actual condition, just like reddit for sales rule.

    I learnt a very inexpensive but important diligent lesson, and will not deal with any of these low life animals again.
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    the scammer was meanwhile banned, please report scammers to the moderators as explained here https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/s...oss-the-forums
    Shogun tricks and tips for the E32 series are HERE!

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    over at e46fanatics, we use 10 days registered with at least 10 posts in forums outside of classifieds. once these happen they get access to post/reply to classifieds

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    New member with only few posts that’s a red flag.

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    I found that after leaving comments at some sales posts of others, I received more random message related to the parts I want to buy.
    For example, I left a comment on a wheel post, then I will receive a random message from a different people (scammer) asking if I want the wheels or e-mail and such.....

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