An event is coming together in northern Georgia to take place going into the weekend of April 21, 22, 23 of 2023 that is focused on gathering together enthusiasts of the classic era BMW 3-series Tourings, While the primary objective is e30, e36 and e46 Tourings, no one is excluded as the event is for BMW Touring Car enthusiasts, no matter what they bring!

The hope is that this inaugural event will bring out classic as-stock daily drivers, preservation cars, modified Tourings along with swapped and built Tourings. The location is central enough to bring in folks from the Northeast, the mid-west, Texas and beyond. I am planning to attend with my wife and hopefully gather a caravan of fellow Northeastern cars to take the "scenic route" (read: twisty empty roads) from Eastern Pennsylvania to the event in the days leading up to the event. TouringFest Hotel arrangements being finalized and will be available shortly.

TouringFest is being organized by Al Mancuso, a veteran Car Event organizer and details on the events and activities will be plentiful and are still under development. Here is the Eventbrite link to register for the event. Yeah, it's a few bucks to register, but the event is being modelled after the well-run "Schuh Syndikat" event that the M-Coupe people have been doing for years, and the registration $ will be used to make this a memorable inaugural event.

Hope this is enough lead time to get a place on your calendar. It would be amazing to get together with as many of us as possible and finally get handles, names and cars all figured out!

I also hope this post is OK here. Starting this thread for discussion of the event, plans, activities, events and share information.