I'm new to the world of BMW. I've been eyeing a '13 X5. It has 109k miles and is very clean inside and out. Within the past 10k miles, the following maintenance has been completed:

-Timing chain and timing chain guides
-Vanos gears (camshaft adjustors)
-Vanos solenoids
-Engine oil change
-Coolant flush
-New fuel injectors
-New spark plugs
-Front brakes replaced
-Engine mounts and driveshaft carrier bearing
-Transmission fluid change
-Transfer case and differential front and rear fluids changed
-Water pump and thermostat
-New battery

So the question is, would you be scared of this X5, taking into consideration mileage and maintenance? My work provides me with a car but I still need reliable transportation on my weekends. I'm quite handy when it comes to automotive work and have been doing most of my own maintenance on other cars for years.