Hello, guys. I own a BMW,2014, F20, N47 engine, 140,000 km, ZF 8-speed automatic transmission.I noticed that my transmission jerks when I park, I mean, every time I put it into Drive, while doing the maneuvers, and with the warm engine.
With the engine recently started, at traffic lights, around town or on the highway, everything OK, it doesn't jerk at all.

The mechanic recommended me to change the oil and the cover which comes with the filter (actually the filter is incorporated in the cover of the transmission)
using the static method, as a result about 5 liters were changed. We did that without any results at all, the jerks are still.
I assume that it was the first time that the oil was changed in the transmission, because on the inside of the cover I noticed that it was same date of manufacture
of the vehicle.I did some experiments with the car, to try to understand, in my ¨ignorance¨, what could be the problem, and I discovered that:
with the engine warm, IF, before I put the car in DRIVE, I stop the engine for 5 seconds and restart it, NO jerks at all. Strange.
I was reading ON THE INTERNET THAT maybe the EGR COULD BE THE ISSUE, I put the tester and it doesn't give any error at all.Can you help me with an SOME advice, an opinion, a solution. Thanks in advance.