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Thread: 2019 X1 - Steering Gear Tie Rod Issue - Unsafe to Drive, Car is with Dealer

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    2019 X1 - Steering Gear Tie Rod Issue - Unsafe to Drive, Car is with Dealer

    I leased a 2019 X1. Due to the "pandemic," at the end of 3 years it only had 20k miles. I liked the car and had zero problems with it up until that time, so I bought it from the dealer. Three months later it developed play in the steering with hitches when turning. I reported this to the dealer when I brought it in for a maintenance service. The service advisor told me the mechanic said it was unsafe to drive the car. They recommended that I leave the car with them and agreed to get me a rental car (a Toyota Corolla). A week later they told me they don't have the parts to fix the problem and don't know when they will get them. The Service Advisor said it could take from a couple weeks to months to a year! So I have a BMW that is depreciating while I'm driving a Toyota. The car is still covered under the 4 year warranty for "repairs for mechanical breakdown due to faulty materials or workmanship."

    Has anyone else had a similar experience with this issue or another safety issue where the dealer advised not to drive the vehicle but didn't have the necessary parts to repair it. If the dealer can't fix the car for many months, do I have any recourse? What can I reasonably expect and ask for from the dealer? Any information or recommendations would be appreciated.

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    You could try if you know the parts you need they may be able to helpė

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