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Thread: In Search of Getrag 265 Case Cover

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    In Search of Getrag 265 Case Cover

    Hey all! This may be a stretch, but has anyone got a rear case cover for a Getrag 260/5?

    The long story is, I've got a 1981 528i, the transmission was leaking from one of the fittings on the rear of the case which I couldn't reach. I brought it to a shop since I'm not set up to drop it, for some reason they removed the rear case cover and bent it so it won't reseal with the rest of the case.

    The transmission itself is in great condition and shifts beautifully, I'd prefer not to have to replace the whole thing because of this. I'm hoping that someone has a wrecked transmission with a good case which they could sell. This trans does have the speedo drive.

    Please let me know if you can help, thanks very much!

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    These Getrags weren't meant to field serviced(try finding parts, right) and lots of bad things happen when those unfamiliar try to do so.
    Supposedly they are difficult to dismantle, probably the cause for your damaged housing. Another used piece may be similar.
    This is only what I've read and am now regurgitating, I stand to be corrected by those in the know.
    Your existing housing could be straightened by a machine shop, they do it with cylinder heads so I'd imagine a simple casting like this to be a piece of cake.
    Another gearbox might be a more cost effective solution.
    Good luck

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