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Thread: amazon car cover...any1 use one?

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    amazon car cover...any1 use one?

    trying to get away cheaply for a winter outdoor car...not mint..but want a cover to keep her decent....winter in NY

    any amazon users here?...which one?...

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    I've been through many car covers

    My conclusion after countless different covers over the years is that there's no good car cover. At least I've never got a good one. Maybe I'm on the cheaper end because I don't spend more than a certain amount on a car cover so Idk.

    They either weren't water proof as advertised, so they let in water and then prevented it from drying, basically creating a swamp under the cover.

    Others had no good strap system to stop them from moving in the wind, so some created dull spots in the paint due to constantly rubbing there.

    I'm sure there's one that combines all good properties and has no downsides but I haven't found it yet.

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    I’m very hesitant to use car covers since a friend of mine showed what it did to his M5 he had covered for a few months. Small scratches all over the roof which had been created by the cover flapping in the wind. This was a while back and maybe he didn’t have the best cover but since I saw that I’ve never used one. Now I have a garage so there’s no need for a cover.

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    thnx guys........ there has to be good covers out there tho must be something better than just letting her sit bare thru dec-march in NY winters outdoors

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    Every body panel on my HPDE car has been repainted and at different times so the color varies some, so light scratches from a car cover are acceptable verse it sitting there for weeks at a time at the end of my driveway in a heavily wooded lot. I went with this cover, an extra small would fit better;

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    Used this for outside storage of Saab.

    Worked nice and didn't come off during wind storms.
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