I (probably foolishly) snagged a cheap little e90 with 180k miles thinking I might get lucky like I did one other time on an e60 that was just low on fluid. Could make a good winter beater. This new project definitely was low on fluid, but after changing the sleeves, bridge seal, filter, and following the proper fill process, it doesn't quite act right. When I bought it, she wouldn't go into gear at all. Now, it will actually shift pretty smoothly 1-3, but when it tries to shift to 4 (or anything after using manual mode) it flares and seems to be out of gear, or flares and the jolts back to 3. It could be worth noting that I was cheap and grabbed the non OEM eBay sleeve and bridge seal kit... looked pretty good actually, but...

Ista says ratio monitoring clutch E and ratio monitoring gear 3-4.

Is it worth trying either a replacement valve body or solenoids, or is it more than likely a goner? It isn't hard for me to drain the fluid and drop the pan. Just a little dirty.

I should also note, I did reset adaptations and during the attempt to relearn, it still would not shift past three. Reverse DOES work also. I did not realize that ZF recommends NOT to reset adaptations now... go figure. If I can get it to shift with parts (if any are recommended) I will follow the re-learn procedure as I have done before on my other 335.