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Thread: Headlights, Brake lights and interior lights don't turn off when key is removed

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    Headlights, Brake lights and interior lights don't turn off when key is removed

    I just got my car back after replacing the bumper. When I remove the key, all lights on the dash stay on, the headlights stay on and the brake lights stay on. The key fob stopped working and the button to lock/unlock inside the car also stopped working. Here is a short video.

    I tried reprogramming the key, no luck. Also disconnected the battery overnight as other threads I read suggested, also no luck. Any help is apprecitated.

    Car is a 2005 E46 M3 if that makes any difference.

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    Did you scan for BMW codes?
    If the headlight module has failed, there should be a code.
    The comfort module would be scanned as
    If the ignition switch is bad, there may be a code also.
    If a shop did the work, then they should be acountable.

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