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Thread: Real aerodynamic front splitter

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    Quote Originally Posted by hondaspeedf1 View Post
    How bout u make this into a company, and we all invest on it? Im 100% sure that we all want those parts. Like yesterday.
    Thanks for beautiful thought. I have one man company carrying my name, Erik Eriksson Design. But I have been around knowledge in carbon too long and visited already years ago Pagani Factory etc. I cant provide shit or mediocre quality and ask reasonable price for it. An that shit and mediocre result will also take more time than making it the best way possible from start. I would need to invest into very large and expensive programmable oven + freezer to make prepreg. The proper stuff. I want to skip wet layup and playing with epoxies etc. Infusion and playing with epoxies will absolutely nuclear blast the space and I dont have separare already ruined to death working space to do that. Cost of living etc are extremely high in Finland and inflation further makes absolutely everything extremely valuable, I have separate space I can dedicate to non dirty carbon aka prepreg, the Formula 1 stuff. But it has separate costs also. So after making all the investment + getting some payment for my labortime which would be hours and hours and hours. I am not sure if can get the product sold. + shipping costs are idiotic but that I could get better. If the carbon trunk floor pieces cost 3000$ suddenly many of those who want them start to be very happy with their OEM heavy ass woodplanks.
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    I did the front splitter for one of you in Connecticut. And for which I already renewed to use general wooden pins in melting phase instead of printed pins.
    Print took 40 hours to do + shipping. Basically 5 days of work in a row + venting the fumes. And that is best case scenario when everything goes properly after first servicing machine then constantly stressing if today's over 10h print is going to for reason or another get ruined in the last 15 minutes. Happily it went all good. But I realized that I need to get more money for this... And also I though that there was time for improvement further. This printed in full size was 1,25kg of weight. By optimizing the aero underneath I could get it further down to about 1kg. That should also reduce daily printing times a bit.

    I spent this whole day doing this all over... well it is soon 3AM so a bit more.
    Here is the new version:

    From underneath:

    I am not sculptor and cant do surface 3D, only solid modelling but that is now sculpted to the T!
    Ofcourse all of the rest needed to be redone too. Holes for counter sunk screws, logos, pinhole placements etc etc etc...

    New upper side:

    High pressure on the front size, low pressure on the underside. Double winning!

    Fitment is still the same:

    Sideprofile on unflattened scanned bumper:

    I can produce for someone who wants them in 8 pieces + pins, and then slightly sanding joining surfaces level and melting together with acetone is left for the customer who purchases. I recommend using Countersunk head screws + glue on top surface.
    My own that I did from carbon using this as a mold, has stayed fantastically with just screws...

    Making takes whole week in best case scenario, so does not motivate enough for any less. I believe it is stellar price for the few and rare who wants this. Product is engineered really well with 150-200 hours in it and it is way different than the common "single surface made in 5 seconds" front lips that are on the market.


    EDIT: So I was really thinking if these were best that I can do? Side cut view was still really bulky and not perfectly aeroynamic on the endpieces... And the answer was brutally honestly no. So cue in some another 12-15 hours more into this and redesigning the backside one more time to have real effective back side and to make it faster to print and lighter. Well I got to 30 hours print time from 40 now! Weight is with 2mm walls and 8% infill in the 1120grams for total unit. Cant get it lover than that. So forget everything you read before essentially and the LAST version is here:

    Still takes essentially 4 full workdays to produce + packing, shipping and duty papers etc...
    Prices for ready made front splitter: 850€ + shipping.
    Price for then newest version STL-files for printing at home: 120€.
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