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Thread: Intake manifold blew up. Literaly

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    Intake manifold blew up. Literaly

    Hi All,

    Went to start my car this morning. cranked it and off it went like a gunshot. The intake manifold split and the oil rail on top blew off. Anybody run into this? any idea what happened beyond the obvious?
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    Did you gave a CEL on?
    That’s not an oil rail.

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    I've never seen that before but my first thought would be that the fuel injectors were leaking and when you cranked it, it backfired and ignited fuel sitting in the manifold which popped off that air distribution rail

    There could be small amounts of oil in that rail too, it is part of the CCV system, but it is known as the air distribution rail. It is designed to evenly distributed oil vapor from the crankcase ventilation system to all 6 cylinders

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