Hey guys, hedmacool here.

Anyone here had any issues with an amber sticky residue beneath the console of the gear selector where the buttons on
the left side that control the auto engine shutoff, traction....only work once in a while but mostly not. The dealer is blaming
a spill of some coffee latte or something.

We've owned this wonderful car for 7 months now with only a broken windshield to replace. Not cheap but had a 50 buck
deductible to soften the blow. Took over 3 weeks to get the first one and it came broken in transit. 3 more weeks got us
a new windshield intalled to perfection by my dealer. Great job, really!

But a couple days after picking up from the dealer we noticed a problem with the console buttons on the left side of the gear
selector. Should have said something right away but life got in the way and that was the least of our problems. Now, about a
month later the dealer, after a 5 day troubleshoot, claims that someone spilled something down there. My wife and I are the
only ones ever to drive the car and have never spilled anything down the console. Is it possible that during the windshield
install that someone spilled some adhesive or something down there?

Now, the dealership wants over 1200 bucks to fix it. Is it just a coincidence that it started to act up a couple days after we got
it back from the windshield replacement? We don't think so but what recourse to we have?