Hello everyone, I'm getting a little ahead of myself but I have begun to think about turbo options with my engine still half way out of my car. Its a port and polished M50B25 non-vanos with ARP head studs and an MLS head gasket I'm putting in my 86' 325es, so it is destined for some boost. I want to get the car running properly too make sure nothing leaks or explodes, but I'm thinking eventually of putting some kind of small, fast spooling turbo in so I can have a good consistent power band without any crazy turbo-lag. Right now I'm thinking about something like the Garret GT28, which I know everyone is going to say is too small but I'm really looking for maybe 7-8psi max. What I'm most worried about right now is what kind of boost management system to use, because ideally I'd like something tuner friendly (not one of those crappy piggy-back ecu's) that won't cost an arm and a leg. If there's anyone out there that has done this swap before or knows anyone that does they can put me in contact with that would be much appreciated.