Hey everyone!
If any of you are interested, I set up a track day for the BMW owners of Orange County at the BMW Performance Track in Palm Springs, CA. The cars, gas, tires, brakes, etc. are provided by BMW. YOU ARE NOT TRACKING YOUR OWN CAR, CARS WILL BE PROVIDED.

It is a half-day event (8am-12pm) with lunch provided. Date is Sunday, December 18th, 2022. Cost is $355/person. PM me for payment options. Feel free to bring guests, spectators are free, but if your guest is planning on driving, it is an additional $355/person.

Track Info:
- 3 hrs of performance driving (I believe Z4 M40i, M2 Competition, X5M, etc.), autocross (2022 M240i Coupe), drag race (I believe X3M, M550i, M850i), and big track with the G80 M3 Competition
- Event is in their cars, not your own! No need to worry about your car, brakes, tires, or gas.
- If it's your first time on track or want to learn car control, this is the best way to start. Also a great networking opportunity with like-minded BMW enthusiasts in Southern California!

$355 is a great deal for this event. I worked out a special price with BMW for our group, smaller groups are usually $500/person, individuals are $1k (although for a full day), and I believe Groupon sometimes has deals for $300/person, but that doesn’t include laps on the actual track (which is the best part).