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    Anyone in the HOUSTON Area?

    Hello Forum Friends...

    Anyone in the HOUSTON Area? I am considering the purchase of an E53 4.6is and am hoping for a fellow enthusiast to check it out for me. I am located in AZ and won't be able to make it out there anytime soon to check it out for myself.

    It is a used bmw dealer. Due to their policy, they won't take it to an indy shop for a PPI. They provided me a "lemonsquad" link which is a third party that will come to the car for an inspection which isn't terrible, but these cars have some quirks that only a BMW shop would really know...

    So if there is someone with a little free time and wants to check out a cool car and let me know their opinion... I would greatly appreciate that and potentially include a little helper fee in required.

    Contact me at:

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    People can look at it the same as you.
    Simple things:
    check engine for leaks and tear
    check for noises when you turn or brake
    check under the carpets for moisture ( car could have been flooded)
    check the car computer for the last reset
    check vibration if any
    and most important is to make sure you have a budget for repairs because they aren't cheap if you don't learn them yourself

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