I have several bad encounters with 2 BMW dealers here in BAY AREA.

While bringing my car for an oil change, many of my original parts
were ripped off and replaced with old parts, without me knowing (until later).

a. example my Bluetooth & USB part was removed and replaced with a cigarette lighter
b. my original front hood support was replaced with an usable old BMW one
c. my air intake valve was made lose, causing it to choke / vibrate, etc.
d. a hole was punched onto my leather front driver seat, etc. (and they left behind a leather seat company brochure for me...)

One cannot trust the BMW dealers here and the people working there.
So I am writing to warn other BMW car owners to be extremely careful
with them.

I have heard dealers charge for work not done at all. Nothing was wrong with the car.
It was just sitting there for hours, and they charge you thousands for doing nothing..
Soon, agencies will find out and come after them...