Hey guys I have been working on getting together a built m60b44 since I blew up my first one 5 years ago and I am looking at getting the biggest nastiest cams I can stuff into the motor. (305/301 - 262/254 - 13.00mm/12.50mm - 4.55mm/4.05mm) this is the Cam I want to purchase. I called VAC and got no answers. Porting is obviously required for this cam configuration but I am wondering if the Valve spring seats in the head have to be machined for the springs and lifters. In other cars Ive worked on with pushrod v8s I have installed cams and had to take the heads to have them machined for taller springs larger rocker studs etc. I am really wanting to do this correctly and want to have no doubts when I order the parts. I am asking here because I know there's several of you here who can possibly help out. when I bring my heads to the machine shop for the valve job and decking I want to go over anything else the heads need before they put them on the cnc so I can Assemble them myself after everything is brought to the right spec I dont want to have the wrong valve clearance etc at high RPM and waste money on another grenade.