Hi all, apologies if this is an old subject although, having searched the site I am unable to find a suitable thread.
I have a 2016 F57 Cooper S B48, the EPS has failed, I have been informed that the ECU is irreparable.
I have sourced a used replacement rack, motor ECU as it comes as one unit that is one of the various part numbers that will fit the vehicle, although the ECU will require the VIN swapping over from the previous vehicle to my carís VIN.
How can I do this?
I have basic computer knowledge.

HELP, the stealers want almost £2k to replace the rack, my indi is a little hesitant in fitting a used rack down to the VIN issue and coding, although Iím a great believer in reusing and recycling, although itís a little harder than it was in the 80ís when I started driving

any assistance greatly appreciated