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Thread: Brake wear waring

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    Brake wear waring

    The car is an 02 E39 Touring. The "Check Brake Wear" (or whatever it is) warning is showing in the cluster. Also, the red "BRAKE" light is on. It was intermittent, but now on all the time. Just checked both sensors and neither is touching the rotors.

    Thoughts? Going to order new sensors to troubleshoot through substitution. Is there another common cause for this. I have NEVER seen this in 15 years of 3 Series repairs and service.

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    check for corrosion in the connectors. The pins are very small and sometimes dissolve

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    Get rid of those sensors : splice the wires at the connector and tie them together, to close the circuit and never see again that "check brake wear" message.
    You can always check the brake pads thickness visually, without even removing the tires....

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