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Thread: Front left wheel squeak when turning and bumpy when driving cause?

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    Front left wheel squeak when turning and bumpy when driving cause?

    Recently my 2011 x6 has started to produce some noise from the driver side front wheel. a loud squeaking noise can be heard in sync with turning the steering wheel when moving at low speeds as well as when going over small (or large) bumps at the same slow speeds. As of yesterday, when driving >40mph, a small but constant up and down bumping can be felt from the front left wheel area as well.

    I am wondering what the causes for this could be, as i know a lot of different joints/bearings can cause issues similar to this, as well as my suspension.

    I am also wondering if an issue with this NEEDS to be handled at a bmw dealership or can be fixed by a third party mechanic, as costs would be lower.

    Is driving the car something that will put me in danger? I am a student who commutes to class and cannot get the car looked at until the end of the week. Will i need to tow it to the mechanic?

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    Front bushing on a tension strut?

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