Hello all,

I lost my old email account, so hello from my new account, lol! I have a question about a datalog. Looking to get some more educated eyes on the subject.

So a few days ago the tuner (very reputable guy) sent us a tune to datalog from, sent the tune back along with a few questions. All of our questions have gone unanswered, but we keep getting new revisions that seem flawless. However looking at datalogs it seems the car still has some power left in it. So I have resorted to asking you guys.


Looking at the datalog, on this e50 tune, the car never reaches peak boost besides when around 4500-5000rpm, and slowly falls out of boost. According to the MAF sensor the car is topping out around 745 lb/min and yet is still about 2-3 psi away from peak boost. This specific vehicle is tuned with stock air filters/airbox and a catless downpipe. I believe I know what the issue is, but I want some input as to why you all think the car isn't reaching peak boost.

I am not an expert at reading datalogs by any means, and most of my knowledge in datalogging and tuning comes from boosting Hondas in my driveway haha. Just playing it safe before I make the decision to buy more parts which I only think will solve my under boosting issue.

Hope y'all are having a great day!