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Thread: Transmission help

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    Transmission help

    I am very familiar with these cars but this issue is racking my head.
    I'm working on a e60 LCI that had obvious tranny issues. Had a hard code for solenoid 3 that left the car unable to go into gear...IT DID NOT POP BACK INTO P, it stood in gear....whichever gear you chose, D, or N, R, whatever..
    So I order all new solenoids from ZF, new pan filter, sealing sleeves, bridge seal, plug adapter, lifeguard 6, and the very rarely overlooked foam strip seal.
    I dropped v body, cleaned contacts, changed noids. Seals, etc. The bridge seal was bad although I seen worse. I reassemble, and yes...the lever was aligned correctly. I filled CORRECTLY as I've done many times.
    Now when I start, and reset adaptations with my scanner, car does same thing. I can feel like the tranny goes into gear but seems like it's stuck in park.
    I dropped pan again, removed v body, rechecked everything, made sure plug adapter was in far enough, clean pins on both harness side and mechatronics. No bent or corroded pins. And still same thing.
    I used scanner to confirm gear selector goes into all gears and it does. No tranny codes. Gws codes. The hard code for noid 3 is in fact gone but it does not drive. Cable is correctly spaced on side. I removed cooler line to confirm fluid pressure and it exists.
    Please help fellow genius people.

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    Maybe wiggle shifter like these guys did can help

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