Hi, sounds horrible in my passenger side front wheel well. I read a lot of things online as to what it could be. I narrowed it down by lifting the car and dropping the splash guard. I looked around, nothing has drips or leaks or residue or anything grinding. Not even the tire is rubbing, as it has more than 3 inches of clearance. The terrible sound comes at lower speeds and while turning. It also makes a washboard type bumping sound on uneven surfaces. On cold starts, the motor sounds mad, and Iím assuming vibrations are being transferred to the failing part. Highway speeds are generally very pleasant with only minute vibrations noticeable from time to time. I checked all mounts and bushings ó all seem good.

Note: I changed the CV axle on that side after I purchased the vehicle after bmw said it was leaking. I did not buy oem. I got the part for about $120 off parts geek. It was an easy install. Been driving it for a month and a half with no issue. I changed the top/passenger side engine mount two weeks ago (bmw also noted it as failed). I had some bad vibrations for a week, then got the tires balanced and all is well. My theory is the bad engine mount put extra stress in the CV, causing it to leak. But I fixed the engine mount and already replaced the CV.

I went to a self service garage with lifts and inspected everything. One of the very opinionated mechanics (not an import mechanic) says he thinks itís the CV going bad, especially because it sounds bad when turning. He shook it and says it has a lot of play. But me being the former pro air plane mechanic that I am, applied the same idea to the drivers side CV and it shook about the same.l amount of play ó Iím sure the drivers side CV is good.

I think it could be the CV but I am dumbfounded as to how, when itís brand new. Poor build quality? Itís not leaking or anything.

ó update: I didnít originally experience the noise until I had someone sit front seat passenger side ó fast forward a few days, and I have 3 passengers riding in the car. The noise was heavily reduced under a higher weight load