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Thread: Hello. Picked up F82 today

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    Hello. Picked up F82 today

    Ok hello all. I just picked up a 2018 M4 today (Automation Ford in Katy Tx if anyone knows previous owner)

    I have been watching YouTube videos for last 2 days trying to find out some more info , quirks, features etc.

    I do wanna get some new wheels & tires. I have the 19s right now prob wanna stay with those Maybe 20s I had 20s on my ats-v. Nothing but a pain. Houston roads suck!!!!!

    I have seen several people say they used. Swift lowering springs. I rarely dealt with European cars only ever used H&R KW or Tein stuff. I will daily this just want to lower it a bit just leaving a small gap from top of sidewall to fender.

    I know stupid newbie questions prob easily searchable not gonna lie I’m lazy and I have a broken back (lots of pain meds)
    I will start looking and searching tomorrow and learning more

    thanks in advance everyone

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    I recommend H&R springs, we offer sport, super sport and the fully adjustable kit.
    I run their adjustable kit on my M4 and im very happy with it


    Super Sport


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