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Thread: M240I RWD (non-xDrive) - Just placed my order.

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    M240I RWD (non-xDrive) - Just placed my order.

    Am I the only crazy person? At-least in Seattle (according to the dealership) I am the first person to decline the xDrive.

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    No, youíre not crazy. I donít understand the attraction of AWD. If you live in a snowy location such in the Rockies, AWD is necessary. But you live in Seattle so I bet you almost never see snow. I live in the metro DC area. I used to put 4 snows on BMW steel wheels when I owned an E46. Now I use the other car.

    To me AWD adds weight, expense and maintenance.

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    Agree......I live in Florida and am more than happy with my 2018 M240i. I drove a series of Porsche Caymans (08, 12, 14, 16, 19) all RWD only. Even when I lived in the North, I drove RWD with little issue.

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    ave you received your new M240i? What do you think of how it handles and the steering feel?

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