*Due to the amount of participants, We have expanded our parking lot to include the lot next door to us. *

Registration begins at 9:30PM inside TD. You can purchase your tickets and pre-register prior to the event at Tuning Dynamics or online at TunedbyTD.com starting 7/01, however, you will still need to sign a waiver at the time of the event. We advise you to pre-register to aide us in faster processing.

At time of registration, you will receive a packet of route information, along with a badge with your specific number and 5 raffle tickets.

Mandatory drivers meeting will be held at 10:00PM

There will be 5 destination points along the route.
At each stopping point, you will trade (ONE) of your (FIVE) raffle tickets for a card. This is a game of best hand wins, this is not a race.

Again, THIS IS NOT A RACE. Some of these roads are extremely dangerous and you can choose to take an alternate route.

Please be advised, Tuning Dynamics will not be held responsible for anything that happens to you or your vehicle during this event. You are liable for your own safety.

If you have any questions or concerns, Please send us a message!

Get your tickets today! Use the link below :party0030:


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