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Thread: Passenger Airbag and Restraint Malfunction after removing entire Right Passenger Door

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    Passenger Airbag and Restraint Malfunction after removing entire Right Passenger Door

    Long story short: a member of the family hit a pole on the right passenger side of my E60. Took it upon myself to find a used, in good condition door to replace it.

    Took all the components including wiring, door panel, etc. from the old door and transferred them to the used door shell I got on eBay. Put it back on the vehicle and now I'm getting the following codes:
    • 93DA Deactivation front passenger door module (E60, E61, E63, E64) or satellite A-pillar, left (E65, E66, E67, RR01(
    • 93B0 Head airbag, left
    • 93E4 Self-test: too few messages

    Managed to clear the following codes (I will check again over the weekend if they appear):
    • 96CC Open circuit, firing circuit, thorax airbag, front right
    • 96CD Control-unit fault
    • 96FD Voltage supply: limit value exceeded

    I did remove the negative terminal when removing the door panel and attaching the door especially because of the airbag. The one suspicion I have is the wire connected to the airbag is not inserted properly, and the other is a fuse was blown, both of which I plan to check this weekend. Could it be the negative terminal cable?? Replaced that several times in the past lol.

    Nonetheless, I was wondering if there are any other suggestions in regards to this issue? I do not see any other codes to suggest something else. Thank you in advance

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    UPDATE: I got a chance to open the door panel, there was a connector to the door module that was not inserted properly by me (what a fool I am), that cleared all the codes mentioned above.

    HOWEVER, I am STILL getting the Passenger Restraint Malfunction error on the iDrive. I am not able find a code on my reader, cleared all the codes present and it still did not clear the message on the iDrive. I had an issue with this many years ago, BMW dealership did a software update which solved the issue (believe it was part of a recall or service bulletin).

    Any suggestions? The seat was not tampered with at all during this time.

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