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Thread: Identifying Correct "Model Year" E30

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    Identifying Correct "Model Year" E30

    I recently purchased a 1988 M3 and couldn't be more excited to join the community! After doing some digging on one of the many VIN decoder websites, it looks like the Production Date is 11/21/1988... This has me wondering if this is actually a 1989 "Model Year" vehicle with the production date being that late into 1988? The vehicle has 1988 listed on the title with the previous owner, but I'm wondering if it was an oversight on their end before titling it.

    VIN: WBSAK050801894551

    Thanks in advance for any insight you guys can provide!

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    if it says on the Title 1988 then it is 1988 model year.

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    Funny, my ix lists 10/88 production on the frame and is titled 89 🤷🏼

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    Although generally model year production starts September of the previous year, that's not a law. It wouldn't surprise me if BMW had continued production of the 88 until they were ready for the refresh in 89. Here's some year by year history.
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    if it was sold and spec'd during the 88 model year it would have the 88 title even if it had a late build date. a number of the cars sold were ordered months ahead.

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