Hey all,

I have a 2013 BMW M3 Audio (No Sound) after water got in the trunk and supposedly fried the amp... I turned this into my auto insurance and got it covered and had a shop replace the radio (new from BMW), amp (new from BMW), and left driver side speaker (which smoked so bad it looked like it was going to catch fire). Even after that speaker fried I still had audio to everything else up until I pulled the radio fuse, took it into the shop, the guy replaced everything and put it back together. The radio itself works, touch screen works, I see navigation option but can't select it, and there is literally no sound from the radio, CD/DVD, door chime, key chime, NOTHING.

I was curious if anyone ever ran into this before and if there is an easy fix that I could maybe try before biting the bullet and getting ready to unload my wallet and take it to BMW?

Thanks in advanced!