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Thread: Roadster got backed into ... what to do next?

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    Roadster got backed into ... what to do next?

    So the roadster was sitting at a light behind one other car, and there was a lady in a suburban that backed out of the ice-cream place's parking lot and right into the side of the roadster.

    The door is dented pretty good, but the fender is origami. Its the other person's fault and we are already dealing with her insurance company.

    I priced out a door and fender on fleabay and its going to be about $400 delivered, which is OK and saves me the hassle of hunting.

    I can just bolt it back on and be good to go, plus I've done it before and why not, right?

    Now the big question is about paint, do I get it painted up all super pretty like?

    The car has about 110,000 miles on it, its a slushbox, but I did all the proper service and valves and it shifts pretty great. I found out that the slushbox in the Z3 needs to be filled while the car is running and in gear, which is pretty nutz when you think about it, but the difference is about a liter of fluid and smooth vs hiccup like shifting. Its the same tranny as the izuzu trooper so its not being strained in the Z3.

    SO... painting. Going to have to paint at least half the car, so might as well paint the whole damned thing, and that can get expensive.

    This car is the devil I know, but it has something screwy with the airbag controller or something, it just doesn't register any codes on the crappy reader I have.

    The good is that I have replaced the stereo system, the seats are in good condition, and the top is new. Plus suspension, cooling system, brakes, fluids, headlights, turn signals, glove box, factory alarm, etc all new in the last year or so. She spilled coffee on the center console and somehow that shorted out the ZKE, but magically I had another one in the parts room so now the windows drop an inch like the coupes when you open the doors.

    So I have yet to get estimates, but I'm wondering if I should just find another car and buy that.

    But then again, I have the unobtanium Aero kit rear bumper that no one wants that will only fit this facelifted roadster, so I can slap that on, plus the top is new, and new paint job it will look pretty impressive.

    I can always move the parts to a new car, right?

    What would you do if you were me?

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    If they price those parts out new, the car will be totalled in a heartbeat. I'd just make sure the other insurance company has no issues with you sourcing used parts. Cheap, so I don't see why it would be an issue, but you know ... insurance companies.

    I'd slap it on an alignment rack as well and crawl under it and do a visual.

    Other than that - doesn't look that bad. Fender, door, paint, let it rip!
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    What a drag, but stuff happens. Seems like there is a lot to think about. In over 45 years of driving I've only dealt with insurance claims a couple of times so I'm no expert, plus things are probably different than here in Ontario, Chinada. The repaired car will loose some value from a no accident example so if they want to pay you out, perhaps you could take the money, and keep the car. That way you would be compensated for the drop in value and could use some of the money to replace the panels and have them painted.
    Another option, in Ontario, AFAIK, you can usually insist that the insurance company find you a replacement in similar condition with similar mileage. I was front ended in a VW Jetta which was totaled, a few years back and I found an exceptable replacement myself and got the insurance company to buy it from a local dealer.

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    That really stinks. Sorry to see that happened. Have you given a thought to PDR (assuming the paints didn't crack)? Those guys sometimes can do wonders. So I wouldn't rule them out as an option.
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    Let a body shop repair it according to their estimate and let them source the parts. They won't have to paint the entire car--just the damaged panels and blend across their adjacent panels. Find a shop that does top quality work (if you don't already have one), and leave it at that. If it's totaled, let it go. It's a Z3, not an M.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Bingley View Post
    Let a body shop repair it according to their estimate and let them source the parts. They won't have to paint the entire car--just the damaged panels and blend across their adjacent panels. Find a shop that does top quality work (if you don't already have one), and leave it at that. If it's totaled, let it go. It's a Z3, not an M.
    Yes, this. I had the LR fender binked in the Z3M a few years ago and did this. Body shops generally prefer to source their own parts.
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    Given where the damage occurred, I would be much more worried about the damage you can't see. If the wheel got pushed, it may have damaged the trailing arm, which adds a lot of complication to the repair. If there was suspension damage you will have the question of did the subframe also move, or did the trailing arm mounts on the subframe get damaged? Just because the wheel isn't visibly damaged doesn't mean there isn't damage underneath.

    It would be one thing if the car already had the Aero kit installed. But to keep it just because you have parts to possibly install on it doesn't really makes sense. I would just let insurance do whatever they want to do with it, but I would be prepared to say goodbye. If they do total it out you could buy it back cheap and then source your own parts to repair it, but before I dropped any coin on that, I'd make sure everything in the suspension is OK.

    Not to mention that it's one thing to unbolt and reinstall body panels. It becomes a whole 'nother ballgame if the mounting points got pushed and moved around. In that case, a nice replacement panel may not bolt up neatly. In that scenario the best case is you end up with some ugly body panel gaps. Worst case you can't even fully bolt it in and end up having to find ways to move the mounting points to where they need to be.

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    So sorry about your accident. As previously mentioned, your car will lose some value to some potential purchasers. Make sure you take pics of the repairs in progress.

    Regarding PDR...I'm a big fan. They can do wonders to dents large and small. But creases are usually beyond the scope of their capability. I couldn't tell much from the pics, but it looks like the door is reparable through PDR. Doubtful on the quarter panel.

    Again, as previously mentioned, some body shops are not interested in parts that they did not source. If possible, find a small (but reputable) body shop that will work with you.

    Good luck!

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    Write it off and buy mine. You don't really want a slushbox anyway, Brent.

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    Not worth a full repaint. Let insurance deal with it and cross your fingers that they’d prefer to write you an inflated check.

    When my black M coupe was hit. It was a similar area iirc. Not too much damage but I had them do a full glass out repaint of the whole car while they were at it.

    110k mile slush box? Let insurance do whatever.

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