End of may is when we traditionally celebrate our aniversary - we incorporated on last Friday of May 22 years ago!

To celebrate the fact that, a big chunk of a lifetime later, we're still here - and you, our awesome customers are keeping us busy, we're having a SALE! SAVE 20% up to 50%, depending on your order value. THIS WEEKEND ONLY!

So make sure to visit our BMW Accessories Store, select your Bimmer model and generation, pick the products you want and make sure to paste this discount code:


The code will take off an additional 20% off the price of products in your cart, which, depending on the cart size, can be as much as 30% off even before you use the code! So, with a cart above a certain size, You save a whopping 50%!

So, see you at RedlineGoods.com

Take care

RedlineGoods Team