I was trying to track down some intermittent transmission temperature faults I'm getting with my 2011 M3 Competition. I bought this car used, and haven't had any shifting issues yet, just the occasional temperature fault happening even when the car was only driven for ~5 minutes, making it unlikely to be a real temperature phenomenon. So I decided to check the level, after reading about the procedure where the engine must be running and warmed up slightly by revving to 2K RPM for more than a minute. After I did all that, there was fluid dribbling out of the fill hole when I removed it. As I observed it over the next 5 minutes, It would pulsate, coming out for 10 seconds, then pausing for 20 seconds, then coming out again. This doesn't seem right. First, the transmission should not have been overfilled, and second, nobody else who has done this has mentioned the pulsating flow with the engine running. Does anyone else have experience with this irregular flow?