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Thread: Euro 97 M3 Alarm/Chirp

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    Question Euro 97 M3 Alarm/Chirp

    Hey guys, just chasing on where to start. Euro M3 remote locks & unlocks fine - minus the dodgy passo actuator, and has the alarm flashing correctly infront of shifter. I have tried different combos with the key itself but cannot find much on getting the chirps when locking - any info much appreciated

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    Is it the OEM alarm system or aftermarket? If its OEM there should be a siren in the engine bay. Should be somewhere around your driver side headlight since you are RHD. If not there should be a 2 port plug near the frame rail if the car is pre installed for factory alarm.

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    If you have the factory system (big key fob), you have to code the GM4 and set the audible acknowledgment to active.

    (This is a general E36 question, not M3 specific)
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