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Thread: Increase High Beam Power Of Factory F02 Xenon Headlight, Quad Output? Modify Housing?

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    Increase High Beam Power Of Factory F02 Xenon Headlight, Quad Output? Modify Housing?

    Hey, has anyone modified the factory F02 Xenon lights to get more output? I just recently got an 2015 F02 740Ld and the high beam output is not good enough. I was driving the dark roads out in Death Vallly and those lights needed a bid more output. Bulbs are good and the cover is clear so I think this is just the output from the factory.

    What is the inner light assembly? It looks like it could be low beam but I know the outer HID does low and high with a shutter so it that just for decoration? Years ago on my e46 M3 was able to code the Halogen high beams to come on with Xenon so that was really good output on high.

    Anyone ever take one of these lights apart? I have yet to see inside one if it could be modified.


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    I've never read about anyone doing this. You don't say if yours are active headlights. There are aftermarket headlights available from China from Alibaba, DHGate, etc. They may have some other options available such as LED, but you'd have to make an inquiry with them. I don't think they offer xenon, so LED may be what they use. Check them out and see. Let us know what you find out.

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