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Thread: 1995 BMW M3 Race Car w/S54 - $29,500

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    1995 BMW M3 Race Car w/S54 - $29,500


    For sale is a 1995 BMW M3 race car with a highly desirable S54 engine swap. This would be a perfect car for SCCA and NASA Super Touring classes, BMW CCA, Grid Life, or even a super safe track day/HPDE car. The car handles like a dream, driving at the limit of grip, incredible bottom end torque, and God-like braking capability thanks to the Teves standalone ABS. You will love it!

    Priced to move at $29,500!

    I’m the fourth owner of the car and intended to compete in the NASA Super Touring 4 class. I bought the car as a turn-key racecar February 2020 and have barely done anything to it except for the following:

    • Swap from 18” to 17” wheels.
    • Removed one billion stickers
    • Replace front quarter panels.
    • Removed non-legal rear wheel flares that were damaged anyway.

    The only reason I am selling it is because I’d rather have the cash to make an investment play that I want to make for my business.

    The prior owners threw almost every part of the Bimmerworld and Turner Motorsport catalog at this car. Easily $70K worth of upgrades. The S54 engine has had all the major updates to it to make it bulletproof.



    • S54 swap (E46 M3 engine) rebuilt by TKX Performance, NY
      • Rebuilt and installed December 2019
      • EPIC treated rod bearings
      • Schrick race cams - 288/250 12.5mm lift
      • Schrick DLC coated rocker arms
      • JE pistons
      • ARP rod bolts
      • ARP head bolts
      • ARP main bearing cap bolts
      • Beisan S54 Vanos anti-rattle kit
      • Vanos sprocket updated bolts
      • All other Vanos parts updated with Dr. Vanos
      • Supertech valve springs and retainers
      • Cometic MLS head gasket
      • BMW motorsport thermostat
      • Turner oil cooler adapter kit

    ECU Calibrations

    • Professionally tuned by Randy Mueller at Epic Motorsports
    • Comes with 2 ECUs. One with max power calibration, and the other (which is currently installed on car) with NASA ST4 compliant tune. All are tuned for 93 octane gasoline.
      • Peak power calibration - 355whp @ 8200 rpm
      • NASA ST4 tune - 260whp @ 8200 rpm

    • Epic Motorsports ECU tune cable.
    • NOTE: Car was tuned before the ONE WEEKEND that I drove this car. It pulls strong!


    • Epic Motorsports catless header
    • Custom 3” exhaust to Borla muffler


    • 5-speed E36 manual transmission
    • Solid mounts


    • Vented rear diff case with catch can
    • Reinforced diff mounting
    • Diffs Online Differential
    • Rogue finned differential cover

    Front Suspension

    • MCS 3-way adjustable coilovers w/Eibach springs - rebuilt in 2019 and have one weekend on them.
    • Ground control camber plates with spherical bearings
    • Ground control adjustable sway-bar with spherical ball-end links.
    • Turner roll center correction kit with spherical bearings
    • Strut tower reinforcement plates

    Rear Suspension

    • MCS 3-way adjustable coilovers w/Eibach springs - rebuilt in 2019 and have one weekend on them.
    • Turner adjustable trailing arms with ball ends
    • Strut reinforcement plates
    • Reinforced trailing arm pockets
    • Ground Control rear sway bar + end links with solid rod ends.
    • NOTE: The rear wheel wells have been cut, expanded and sealed to accommodate large 18” wheels, up to 275mm in section width.


    • Teves Mk.60 standalone ABS system
    • Front - PFC 2-piece semi-floating rotors
    • Rear - E46 brake disks
    • Alcon big brake kit
    • Cooling ducts


    • Fiberglass front hood with carbon fiber insert
    • Carbon fiber sunroof delete panel
    • Hard Motorsport front wheel flares
    • Rear wheel wells have been expanded to accommodate 18” wheels
    • Carbon fiber trunk lid


    • AIM MXL dashboard (does not log data)
    • SCCA, NASA, BMW CCA compliant roll cage
    • Fire system
    • Seat
    • Belts
    • Coolsuit
    • Schroth 6-point harness (belts expired 2021)
    • Safecraft driver’s window net (expires June 2022)
    • Schroth window net (expired 2021)
    • Safecraft 5 pound fire extinguisher
    • Sparco removable steering wheel
    • Racetech 119 FIA compliant seat
    • NOTE: When I received the car, I found out that the rear spare tire well was completely cut out for weight savings. I had a local fabricator add in a boxed area so I had a location to add ballast weight (like barbells).


    • Bimmerworld rear wing with tall uprights
    • Front splitter that runs all the way to back of rear subframe

    Cooling System

    • CSF radiator
    • CSF front mounted oil cooler
    • Manually operated SPAL 16” puller fan

    Other Chassis Notes

    • Chassis has about 150,000 miles on the odometer, but every maintenance related bearing has always been replaced. Receipts available.


    • Comes with 17”x9” wheels wrapped in old Hoosier H20’s.
    • Two sets of APEX 17”x9” wheels with Hoosier R7s available at extra cost.

    The car has a few things that need attention:

    1. Driveshaft guibo and center support bearing need to be replaced. This should be addressed before taking to the next track event.
    2. Windshield has a foot long crack coming from the lower driver side corner.

    Lastly, this car does not have a title. I don’t see why you would even want one for a fully caged racecar that has absolutely nothing to deem it safe on the road.

    Always glad to take questions or even a phone call. Please message me.

    -Shane Gorski
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