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Thread: Would anyone be willing to measure the distance between the seat mounting bolts?

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    Would anyone be willing to measure the distance between the seat mounting bolts?

    Sooo.... rumor has it that the Z3 will accept a MINI seat without too much modification.

    This is a big deal because it's really hard to fit ANY seat in the Z3 and the newest Z3 seat is 22 years old at this point so they are getting hard to come by in good condition.

    The mounting hardware looks very similar and now I'm super curious about the bolt pattern.

    Is anyone willing/able to measure the distance (center to center) between the left and right mounting holes and the front and rear?

    Based on the pics I found, the setup looks square, so the left/right in the front should be the same as in the back.
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    I haven’t been on this page for a while, but should be able to supply you with the measurements you are looking for sometime next week when I get home. I have a set of ‘03 “S” seats I took out about 2 weeks after I brought the car home new.
    Seat track dimensions for an ‘03 Mini Cooper (should apply to R50 and R53 models at a minimum) are 15 5/8” wide and 13 1/2 front-to-back.
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