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Thread: Did our cars come with the engine damper?

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    Did our cars come with the engine damper?

    Part number 5 and the associated pieces to mount it to the vehicle. I don't think I have seen one.

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    I have only messed with late 82 and newer E23s and have never come across one. I do prefer that solid 'cube' looking passenger side mount. That seems to be for N/A cars and Turbo seem to have the pyramid guy.

    My 1990 300SEL does not use those shocks. It is a 12V I6 also. The 300SD has em, SDL I think does, and the 560 does.

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    I know I have seen them. I can't remember which car though. I'm thinking it was a 79 or 80 Euro 728?. I didn't even drive the car, just bought it for parts about 20-25 years ago. If I have the stuff, it's probably buried in my garage attic.

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    i have 83 2.8i and 86 3.2i euro,and neither of them have this part

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    I have an 84 733i, and mine doesn't have the part either
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