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    No spark

    Hey guys
    I just got a 1968 2002 and I am a complete novice, especially on a car this old. As the title states I am not getting any spark. If it is a short, I assume the issue is very early in the process because most components are not getting power. I connected the main power supply to the distributor and grounded it with brand new wires and I am still not getting spark. The distributor spins and the distributor cap seems to have clean connections. The car has some MSD ignition box and some crane fireball ignition box. I am not really sure what either of these are but could they be the culprit of no spark? If not what do you suggest the issue is? And if so, is there a way to bypass it just to get spark for the time being?
    Thanks in advanced

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    The easiest component is to swap a known good ignition coil to see if that gets you a spark.
    The MSD boxes are quite reliable, so thats likely the problem. The Crane electronic ignition is fairly reliable, but it is possibly 30+ years old. The Crane box probably is fine, but the trigger component actually replacing the contact points is probably faulty. Crane used a light beam and chopper wheel assembly to replace the points, and the light is probably burned out. Pertronix used a magnet/reed switch that can be swapped for a trigger.
    Iíve had too many Pertronix boxes die, so I gave up using this brand, but their magnetic triggers are good.
    You could use always go back to contact points, but the quality of new condensers are so bad, its a crapshoot getting one that works.
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