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Thread: Drove car with underfilled transmision? Am I screwed?

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    Drove car with underfilled transmision? Am I screwed?

    I accidentally drove my 2013 328i Xdrive with a transmission that was under filled by about 2 litres.

    I drove it about 8km or 5 miles at a speed of around 30mph or 50kph. The trip lasted about 10 minutes.

    The fluid didn't smell burnt when I checked. I also topped up the fluid and it has been seemingly shifting like before. I don't really notice anything new about how it shifts.

    Transmissions are terribly expensive units, and now I'm very much worried about the potential consequences of this. Can't stop thinking about it.

    Do you think it is damaged in any way?

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    should be no problem for that short time and the speed you drove.
    If you would have driven a long time and high speeds an underfilled transmission can cause premature component wear or damage. An overfilled transmission will cause fluid to discharge out the vent tube, fluid foaming, or pump cavitation
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