Wife got me aftermarket front and rear cameras to connect to my existing Carplay retrofit box.

I went to install today and was able to install rear no problem (lot of work though), but cannot figure out the front wire routing. watched lots of videos and took apart stuff in front under hood, but the factory pass throughs are buried several layers deep in shrouds, brackets, etc (form the engine side of the firewall).

What is the best way to route the front wiring for a camera? Driver's side or passenger side (my car is LHD)?

If you know of a video or step-by-step photos that actually shows this part of the process on an F22/23/87, please share a link. All the ones I have found skip over this part. And I found some for F30's, but they appear much different in this regard (surprises me). On mine, I can't get my hand down to the grommet on either side without major disassembly.