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Thread: Which replacement parts do I need? Audio Noob

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    Which replacement parts do I need? Audio Noob

    So, on my E36 M3 convertible, I have the big antenna that comes out just to the passenger side of the trunk. The rubber grommet that holds it into place has been cracked for a while, and recently came out. It took the whole antenna assembly with it though. So there's just a hole in the top of the fender, and I can see a thick wire down in there with what looks like a severed end. I tried looking on RealOEM but I couldn't find a diagram that resembles what I have. Does anyone know where I can go to order replacement parts that would show some sort of diagram of the assembly? Or I will try and post pics in the comments, maybe someone recognizes the part and can tell me what it's called?

    I literally don't know anything about audio or radio systems and every time I try to look up the antenna setup, I wind up getting parts that don't look like what I'm seeing or aftermarket setups that look like they aim to replace the entire system? Maybe maybe not.

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    Was unable to post pics at work, but I just got home.

    Nothing I'm seeing on the RealOEM diagrams look like they include a wire like that, I'm just trying to figure out what it is I should be looking for when I look for replacement parts. That wire has part stuck in the plug that the antenna screws into, and some of it's bare inside the hole there in the top of the fender.

    Am I supposed to even looking for a part with an exposed wire? Thanks.
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    Grommet part # is 65218375151

    This may be of help with determining what you are looking at:

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    OP, go to and enter the last 7 characters of your carís vehicle identification number. Hit enter and bookmark the page. There youíll find all the parts that make up your car.

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