Hi all

I have a 2012 1 series 116i N20 and am having issues with oil leaking on to the top of the motor. It appears to be leaking from the the vacuum pump? catch can ? that is under the plastic engine cover. It is located mostly around the first coil pack at the rear of the motor.

See photo - i used talc to try and see where it is coming from. https://ibb.co/kgLyL1Y

Any help in diagnosing where the oil is coming from would be really appreciated. Ive just recently purchased the car in immaculate condition with great service history but missed this on inspection. Its not a large leak I'm just having trouble finding where its coming from. It would be weird if it were coming from the vacuum lines but that's where it appears it is coming from so I am a bit stumped and hoping someone on here has had similar issues or can point me in the right direction.

Thanks heaps