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Thread: G30 - 530i passenger side front rattle

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    G30 - 530i passenger side front rattle

    Hello guys,

    I have a 2017 530i @ 28k miles with quite a loud rattling noise coming from the front passenger side suspension area. The rattle only happens when only the left wheel goes over a dent or drain in the road. If both wheels dip, noise doesn't happen. Higher speeds the noise goes away, but maybe because of wind noise masking it, still testing that. Would be good to confirm that as apparently could indicate anti roll bar drop links have worn out.

    Partner said it sounds more like a rubbing noise, but personally think its more of a rattle. Noise doesn't happen when breaking or turning, only when going over bumps etc...

    Got it booked in at bmw, but thought would be good to get some ideas of what it could be, before they rince me @ 130 an hour...!

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