VTT is proud to announce its Modular Silicone/Billet intake system for the BMW G2X Platform with the B58TU engine. We invested many hours of testing and fitting this kit to get the best fitment, and highest quality. We are very happy with the results. Full disclosure, the factory intake system as far as the airbox is very good, but the intake tract down to the turbo, is full of twists turns, bellows, etc which can cause flow disruption. It also has a silencer which is a restriction as it bypasses air to quiet the intake sound. By removing all of these, and replacing them with our 3″-3.5″ Silicone intake tube either to our 6″ cone filter or the stock airbox you are removing all of those, and providing a free-flowing optimized air path from the filter or airbox to the turbo. From our testing we found up to 700WHP, the stock airbox is up to the task if stock appearance and sound is what you wish. Once you go over 700WHP, we suggest stepping up to the 6″ cone with a built-in velocity stack.

The kit is Modular because it can run multiple ways by simply changing the setup slightly

Different options:

It can run as a full intake system. Our Billet CNC plate attaches to the stock turbo, you run our silicone intake, Billet Maf housing, remove the top of the stock intake box, filter, and run our high flowing 6″ cone filter with a built-in velocity stack in the intake bottom so it is still being fed fresh air. – Suggested for best intake sound
It can run an intake system only with no filter. Our Billet CNC plate attaches to the stock turbo, you run our silicone intake, to the stock MAF housing in the factory air box. This removes ALL of the intake restrictions from the turbo up to the airbox and keeps the full fresh air flow, and factory appearance, as well as sound. – Suggest for builds when stock sound/appearance is required up to 700WHP
This system works with our “GC” turbocharger line and is included with all “GC” turbos. No turbo adapter is needed. The silicone inlet will fit directly to the turbocharger inlet, and then can be run either of the two ways above. – GC, GC-MID either option is fine, for GC+ max-effort builds, we suggest the 6″ cone

Included with the kit depending on how you want to run it:

1 Billet turbo adapter, with stainless hardware (optional)
1 Silicone Inlet with two CNC PCV fitting adapters, and clamps
1 Billet MAF housing with hardware (optional)
1 High-flow VTT cone filter (optional)


• 2019+ G20 G21 BMW M340i, and M340iX

• 2021+ G22 G23 M440, and M440iX

Note: This intake does not fit any other platform other than the G20/G21/G22/G23 chassis listed above.
Please be aware. This system removes the PTC heater, and it WILL register a shadow code in the DME. In our testing, this did NOT throw a check engine light. The code is only there is your scan the car. If you wish to remove the code it must be coded out.