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Thread: Advice: New Owner 2011 740i F01

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    Advice: New Owner 2011 740i F01

    Fellow Members:

    Recently purchased an '11 740i and loving it.
    My baby is still my E32 750iL but my bimmer disease has taken hold and I "needed" another fix.

    This N54 engine is certainly fun but I thought I'd ask the community advice on what to look out for and anything I can do preemptively to avoid any problems.

    Any advice, questions or comments are welcome and encouraged.
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    5 or 7.5k oil changes, regular maintained check spark plug change intervals. Service the trans

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    Thank you Jbird

    80k miles 2011 740i 10/2010 prod. N54B30 240kw

    I've been doing the typical research and this is what I've gathered along with some questions:

    Please correct, comment, reply. Its much appreciated.

    - The increased interval of oil changes to prolong turbo life
    - HPFP tendency to fail prematurely (is this due at 80k?) (Are the performance replacements worth using?)
    - Valve Cover and Gaskets crack fail often
    - Fuel injectors will fail
    - OFHG leaks (possible serpentine belt damage)
    - Carbon build up on intake valves
    - Electric water pump and thermostat (~60k?)
    - Wastegate rattle (can the wastegate be upgraded/fixed or just upgrade to new turbos?)
    - oil pan gasket

    Ive noticed the engine seems to run hot. Oil temp stays at okay temp but engine and bay seem to stay hot for a long while after turned off.

    Are the oil cooler valves a safe option to run cooler temps? any other ideas to keep temp down without risking oil not making it to turbos?

    Where in the h is the coolant drain? Lowest most hose? Looks like PO filled it with the pink stuff. I need to get that crap out.

    Because most of the info out there on the N54 is coming from the E9X's which is slightly different, I have noticed:

    I only have a single diverter valve on my charge pipe although even realoem shows two diverter valves as do most videos i come across.

    I have hot climate option so i do have an oil cooler but the oil filter housing looks different than other N54's.

    Where can i find a good amount of info on this model?


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