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Thread: SALMON RELAY fixed slow opening top.

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    SALMON RELAY fixed slow opening top.

    The top on my 2016 z4 31,000 miles was operating slowly and the open/close function using the remote would work to lower the top but not close the top. Ordered salmon relays located next to the pump in the trunk. Replaced relays and top operates quickly and all remote open/close/load functions now work. I took old relays apart...contacts were burnt. Just because a convertible has low miles it may still have many open/close cycles on the roof.

    I will change again in another 25,000 miles. The improvement in the top function was dramatic.

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    Hi, I'm glad changing the relays helped with your slow/open top issue. I have a 2009 Z4, I bought 4 years ago and have not had a top problem yet, but will keep your fix in mind. I also have a 2008 328IC which has a simular system aboard. I have a Bentley Manual for the E93, which gives a lot of info on how these tops operate. Both the Z4 and the 328IC share the same parts, even the salmon relays. Plus, both share the same Convertible Top Module, or CTM. From my research on the E89 Z4, there is no manuals available.

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    Hi all, I have found there is absolutely no real manuals available for any of the newer BMWs from 2009 to present. This is because our Congress allowed the "Right to Repair" laws, to expire in 2008. American, and Foreign manufactures now call all their "information" proprietary. This keeps any repair information out of reach from owners, and home mechanics who want to repair their own cars. Indy BMW shops pay a subscription to BMW for software, to help them repair cars. They also have to sign a agreement not to divulge proprietary information found in the software. That is the reason there is so little repair data in public on the E89 top problems, and other repair items.

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