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Thread: McLaren 570S v Dodge Hellcat

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    McLaren 570S v Dodge Hellcat

    It's been a while since I've had any challengers, but today I had an interesting encounter that I didn't think would would go my way..... I was wrong!

    I was heading back from coffee with the guys. There's a brief freeway stint on my way home. I was feeling like letting it loose a bit on the on ramp. Any on ramp in this car can see 130 mph before merging into traffic. This on ramp was no different. I did my sprint and backed down to the 75 mph freeway pace. About an 1/8th of a mile ahead of me was a Charger. I thought nothing of it. Apparently, he thought different as he downshifted and accelerated hard. No big deal..... but he got off at my exit.

    The exit is a 2 lane affair that has a stop light at the bottom of the ramp. There was a line of cars in the left lane and none in the right. The Dodge and I went right. I noticed the Hellcat badge on the back and he was revving his engine. I'm pretty sure those things are quick. This thing was making quite the racket. All the traffic turns left at this light. The light changes and he starts to take off, but I think he was in fear of doing anything other than in a straight line.... but as soon as he could straighten the wheels, he hit it. It sure made a lot of noise, and his pace was OK...... but as hard as he tried, his mirrors were filled with lots of orange. As soon as the lanes open up there is 1/2 mile straight that leads to a right-left medium speed series of corners.

    As the lanes open, I hear him downshifting in a futile attempt to find some pace as the Macca just slingshotted past and when the corners hit, he was humiliated and done. I tried to wait for him, but he made a quick turn off and scurried away. I doubt he'll pick on another McLaren. Another one bites the dust!

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    nice story!

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    This story sounds intriguing, but also quite dangerous. Remember to always keep roadside assistance in mind when dealing with road rage!
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