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Thread: 2011 Z4 S30i Convertible Back Windshield Won't Close. Roof portion is Working. Help?

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    2011 Z4 S30i Convertible Back Windshield Won't Close. Roof portion is Working. Help?

    Hello~ the back windshield won't exit the trunk when I attempt to close the top. My next door semi-mechanic says its the salmon colored duo relays in the trunk next to the power pump most likely causing the problem BUT the parts guy at BMW says "no" to the relays and instead says that it's something else because the top portion is still functioning.
    Does anyone have any direction to send me? I had a different issue concerning the opening and closing of the top serviced at the BMW dealership in another state not long ago. This Is maddening!
    Would appreciate any assistance

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    Hi, I really feel your pain. I have 2 BMWs with hardtop convertible. 2009 Z4, and 2008 328IC. I've not had any problem with either yet, but I've read enough to see how the problems mount up. All movement of all the top componets are controlled through the "Convertible Top Module" or CTM. This module gets information from all the sensors throughout the top system. The sensors are either off/on micro switches, or Hall Effect sensors, which are magnetic proximity sensors. Those 2 salmon relays are what powers the hydraulic pump, the 2d relay is a over heated pump safety relay. So, with everything else moving these relays have to be good. What indication to you see when you put the top up. Only the back window does not close? Can you press down the forward section of the trunk, and see if it locks? The trunk lid is a soft close function, with a micro switch, this switch could be a problem. Have you tried to scan your car? The CTM can throw a code for a specific sensor. Good luck.

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    By this time I would think you have found the problem and fixed it. What did you do to repair the problem?

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