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Thread: Help! Bi-Xenon Issue on FL Z4

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    Help! Bi-Xenon Issue on FL Z4

    Hi guys,

    First post, and I'm afraid it's a help request! This problem is driving me mad.

    Bought a Z4 a week ago, and its bloody lovely, but the bloke selling it told me a xenon had a bulb out on the drivers side, no problem haggled him down a bit.

    Found it odd however the dash wasn't posting a warning symbol.

    Anyway, I've checked the bulb and ignitor from the drivers side on the passengers side, and they work fine so its not them. So i replaced the ballast/control module presuming it was that as the last thing out of the three typical issues. Still didn't work on the drivers side.

    So i took the whole xenon unit from the drivers side and plugged it into the passengers side and hey presto, it works? Which means it's the electrical wiring to the back, or something else?

    Any suggestions on what I should be checking at this point. I want to enjoy the car and it's already in parts on the drive

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    If your car is an E85, then you can get your wiring diagrams here.

    To me, its is sounding like your Light Control Module (LCM) is playing up. You will need to scan it for trouble codes. This will need a scanner with BMW software.

    Two options are:
    1) Windows Laptop or Surface Pro, cheap special cable and BMW Standard tools. The tools come with the software to code another LCM to your car if you have to change it. BMW Standard tools are free from here.
    2) Foxwell NT530 scanner with BMW software. Will help with the diagonistic's but will not code a LCM to your car. You don't need the 20 pin connector for the Z4, but this listing is an example.

    I see that you are in the UK. There is a very good UK Z4 forum here.
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    Did you program the new module it’s not plug and play

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